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LCMIF is an ecumenical fellowship of Pastors, Churches and Parachurch ministries united to empower, educate, equip and launch.  The Fellowship consists of like-minded covenant Pastors, Non-Pastors, Churches & Parachurch Ministries stretching across denominational and racial lines. The Bible teaches that we have many teachers but few fathers (1 Cor. 4:14-16), as well as the fellowship being a covering for various ministries Apostle A.B. McNair, Sr. has been called upon and embraced as a Spiritual Father to various pastors, ministries and young ministers.

The fellowship is designed to empower the clergy and their ministries spiritually and economically. To provide a covering for those that are without one or sense God calling them to another dimension in their ministries. It is a covenant connection with like-minded clergy to do kingdom work in the spirit of excellence.    

The approving hand of God was clearly seen upon this fellowship having over 20 ministries join the fellowship before it was formally organized. Apostle McNair has been sought after for years to begin a fellowship of this kind but remained in silent prayer until he felt God’s approval to move forward.

The fellowship operates under the aim of Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpeneth iron; so man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Covenant Pastors and Leaders come together to help empower one another for the Kingdom Assignment.


  • $100 Monthly Investment or Tithe to LCMIF


  • Pastor and Church attendance at LCMIF gatherings.

  • Ministerial License/Credentials and renewal through LCMIF

  • After LCMIF membership one full convocation year each church or ministry invest $750 during Life Changing Holy Convocation 

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