Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship consists of covenant pastors and leaders united to empower, educate, equip and launch.  Iron sharpens iron!  Our leadership brings a combined experience of apostolic training and insight; years of ministry experience combined with the strength of the Holy Spirit in order to fully equip pastors, churches, para-church ministries and leaders to excel in the kingdom.

The Life Changing Ministries Int'l Fellowship is committed and dedicated to:

  • Apostolic Covering & Weekly Impartation

  • Pastoral Development 

  • Young Pastor Mentoring

  • Church Planting Support & Training

  • Healthy Balance of Family & Ministry Teaching

  • Counseling (Pastoral Family, Marriage, Single)

  • Teaching in Organizational Structure, Protocol & Excellence

  • Leadership & Staff Development 

  • Community Transformation & City Impact

  • Church Documentation & Resources

  • Development in Higher Education (Life Changing Bible Institute)

  • Financial Stewardship & Economic Empowerment

The Life Changing Ministries Int'l Fellowship Benefits of Membership:

  •  Apostolic Impartation (Virtual)

  • Monthly Virtual Meeting 

  • LCMIF Monthly Prayer Call

  • Life Changers Today (Bi-Monthly E-Magazine / Weekly E-Mail)

  • Access to Private Resources for Churches

  • The Glory Encounter (5th Weekend Gathering & Empowerment)

  • Total Church Conference (Gathering for Kingdom Workers, Creatives, Leaders & Pastors)

  • Holy Convocation (Gathering for All LCMIF Members filled with empowerment and worship experiences)

Covenant, Fellowship & Agreement
Leadership & Shepherding
Leadership & Correction
Extraordinary ability to soar and succeed
God, the Beginning & End
International & Global Missions and Ministry
The Word of God
Establishment Year

The Life Changing Ministries Int'l Fellowship Declaration of Faith:

  • We Believe that the God of the Bible is the only one true God in existence.

  • We Believe in the Trinity the coexistence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the unity the Godhead.

  • We Believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God penned by the hand of Holy Men chosen of God.

  • We Believe that there is only one way to God the Father-through Jesus Christ by way of salvation.

  • We Believe that the five-fold ministry is to be active in today’s church.

  • We Believe in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross which settled the sin debt of all humanity.

  • We Believe in the resurrection of the regenerated and the unsaved, one unto eternal life and the latter unto eternal damnation.

  • We Believe in the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to gather His Holy Church.

  • We Believe in the privilege of prayer whereas the believer can communicate with a Sovereign God with confidence that He hears us.

  • We Believe in the laying on of hands and the speaking in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives utterance.